The Swollen Belly of Spring

spring, Madeline Bea

‘Tis spring…and with it comes the wet, heavy, swollen, super nutritive time just before nature gives birth to a plethora of new life. As I type today, it is pouring rain outside, the barely green grass squishes as I walk through the yard, and the heater hasn’t had a day off in weeks. It’s most certainly an interim and it’s not all pretty buds and colorful tulips. But nature could not thrive without this time. It’s needs this time period of expansion, readying, and growth.

Spring always reminds me of a pregnant mother in the two months prior to delivery. She is beautiful, glowing, and ripe with all that is coming…but slow, heavy, and monumentally uncomfortable. And so much of this time period in nature (and also the ones that look just like it in our lives) feels just the same. Just as Mother Nature is about to give birth to an explosion of new life, sometimes we too find ourselves ready to birth creative manifestations in our lives but we’re not. quite. there. yet. Both spring in nature and the pre-term springs of our creative birthings can feel slow, heavy, and monumentally uncomfortable; our creative centers swollen and full with all that is to come but isn’t quite yet. In a word, everything just feels STUCK.

Any mother will tell you there is no rushing an about to be born child. Nature shows us this, enduring her own months long, muddy interim. We too must allow our creative expressions the time they need to grow and develop. There always seems to be swollen-belly time inherent within this process; the vision is there, the work is being done, but it’s not. quite. there. yet. Energetically, our creativity rests within the areas of our bellies and our hips in our 2nd and 3rd chakras. Not surprisingly, what sits energetically right below our creativity and life force (ie: what could hold up the birthing process) is fear.

Fear certainly has it’s negative qualities. But it also serves a lot of good purposes. We need our fear, our doubts, and our insecurities because they point our attention to multiple dimensions. Although nice in theory, we can’t just find a way to get rid our these qualities so that we can get on with manifesting our work in the world in the same way that a pregnant mother can’t just take out her organs so that her growing baby has more room and ease of delivery. It’s all needed and all a part of the process. But she (and we) can make more room internally for all of it to help us maneuver more comfortably during our spring seasons.

There’s a lot of internal work that goes along with accepting our fears and insecurities. But there are things we can do externally, physically with our bodies, to help facilitate space making. Moving our hips is a great way to get the energy moving around. Once the life force begins to flow more freely in this region, space is more readily made. Get a good old fashioned dance party going in your kitchen or take a ballet class…put on some saucy Latin numbers to really encourage swaying and rocking of the hips. Then treat yourself to a nice, hip opening yoga sequence to open up more space. I recommend some yin yoga (a more passive form of the practice where poses are held a bit longer) and/or restorative yoga to allow a lot of softening and space making to occur.

Whether it’s just the season of spring itself or something larger being birthed within your own life, the key is in making space for all the wet heaviness of ‘new’ to reside more comfortably within your self so that you can move (however slowly) through this time period with the grace and strength of Mother Nature.

A Soulful Space logo, Madeline BeaI’m certainly feeling like I’m in a little bit of a spring of my life these days. A dear friend and I have embarked on a new business venture; one that involves an actual brick and mortar studio and all the other “realness” that comes with owning a physical business. And we, too, are in a kind of middle place, an interim, while we allow all the pieces to fall into their places externally and also internally as we prepare to give birth to this dream of ours. We’re sharing our journey on our Facebook page and are working on a website as well. We’d love to have you along for the ride and we can’t wait to be able to invite you all over to our new physical space in downtown Berwick, PA! 

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