A Note for May

May at Madeline Bea

Dear Friend,

It has been a wild and wonderful couple of months! My life is a little overwhelming at the moment and that is why you may have noticed that there were no New Moon journaling prompts that arrived in your inbox last month…and, try as I might, it’s just not happening this month either. My sincere apologies. But I wanted to send you a note to say hello, let you know I haven’t forgotten about you, and tell you what’s been going on around here.

The BIG NEWS is that a dear friend and fellow dreamer and I have signed the lease on a physical brick and mortar space in downtown Berwick, PA and we’ll be opening A Soulful Space, LLC., a collaborative healing arts studio, this summer!!!! It is, by far, the most exciting and outrageous business venture I have ever undertook. Despite having owned my own business (in one form or another) for the past ten years, the physical space attached to this venture is opening up all kinds of new doors and possibilities. It is, as you could imagine, also presenting a whole new gamut of challenges and learning opportunities. It’s consuming nearly all of my extra moments and mental energy and what’s left over is being poured onto my patient and oh-so-supportive family.

So while there’s not much going on here at little old Madeline Bea at the moment…there will be again once things have gotten more settled with the new business venture. And in the meantime, we invite you follow our journey of creating a new business and manifesting this dream of ours on our Facebook page.

Also, if you’re local, I’ll be at the DANVILLE SPRING FLING this Saturday selling all kinds of Madeline Bea goodness! Stop by, say hello, and pick up something lovely for all the mothers in your life!

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful season, I hope you’re still taking the opportunity each New Moon brings to be introspective, and I hope to be back to regular Madeline Bea activities and correspondence very soon. Until then, be well!

All the best,

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