There is power in imagery! In our highly visual world, we need to be able to tell our clients as much about who we are and what we offer as quickly as possible and high quality, professional images can allow us to tell those stories.

I provide authentic portraiture for artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals. If you are a creative, a coach, or a small business owner; having your imagery reflect the genuine tone of your offerings is essential. Together we’ll cultivate images that sincerely articulate who you are and what you bring into the world.

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Clients, students, and customers want to see who you are! Presenting our visual self to the world in our marketing and communication efforts helps to build trust and comfort with those seeking out your products or services. Standard portrait sessions capture the likeness you in any way you’d like to reflect that to your prospects. These can be in the form of standard head shots or more creatively in alignment with your offerings and expertise. During our pre-session consultation, we’ll sit down in person to get to know each other and talk about how you’re wishing to represent yourself and how we can best achieve that goal through portraiture.


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You have heard it said many times: People don’t by what we do, they buy why we do it. In our mass economy, it’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself from all the others in your industry. One of the best ways to do this is by telling your story: the story of who you are and how/why you do what you do. Process Sessions aim to document you artistic process, your work space, your classes, or anything else that provides background and context into what you offer.