Maegan, Madeline BeaHi, I’m Maegan! I help women connect with their best selves through dance, yoga, journaling, and deep introspection. I am passionate about living creatively, finding authentic paths of self-expression, and sharing my findings and insights with others through my writing, classes, and workshops. I view life as our greatest and most important expression of art!

I’m a Bloomsburg University graduate with a BS in Business Marketing & Administration. My work over the years has included marketing positions, copy writing, soap making, and portrait photography…but I’ve happily found a nest for all makes my heart sing here at Madeline Bea. My writing and photography have been featured in Artful Blogging magazine, Somerset Life magazine, multiple issues of Kindred magazine, and on various websites including I Heart Faces, Tracey Clark’s I Am Enough collaborative, and regularly on The Creative Mama.

A dancer for over 32 years and a certified yoga instructor, helping people incorporate more fluid movement into their lives has become one of my greatest passions in life. The mind, body, and soul are intrinsically connected, therefore my teaching reflects and incorporates all these aspects and how they dance and play together.

I love poetry & music, reading & knitting, nature & movement, and most of all my husband and three daughters. We live, learn, and thrive together at our home in the mountains of Pennsylvania.