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           all decision makers present during the site visit. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page. The following are examples of questions that may help you get a better sense of how suitable the contractor is for the job:

          *How often will they be on-site? Who will oversee the work on a daily basis?

          *Does the contractor take clients shopping for materials or provide shopping resources?

          *How often do they meet with clients to discuss the project’s progress?

          *How do they approach problems during an emergency? If a pipe should burst, what is the protocol?

          *What is the best way to reach him/her?


          Once you are assured that all the contractors you’ll be meeting with have been thoroughly vetted and are properly 领有牌照-sweeten是已经这样做对你婚介服务。像所有伟大的比赛,也不能在纸面上确定了很多!面对面的面对面会议不仅对正规澳门赌场平台获得项目的范围和实际现场条件的感觉,但也让你了解他们的机会。


          *Does this person communicate clearly and effectively?

          *Does s/he have a clear understanding of what I need, and can s/he provide it?

          *Do I feel supported in my decision-making?

          *Does it seem like the contractor will be responsive and organized throughout the process?

          Finding the right renovation partner


          how to evaluate the visits and estimates.  S/he is here to help you navigate the process, from start to finish.

          If you go into the site visit prepared, you’ll be able to evaluate each professional not only on their expertise but his/her ability to work well with you as a partner, a crucial element to completing a successful renovation.

          Understanding why it’s important to work with a 领有牌照 general contractor. 点击这里。

          Sweeten handpicks the best general contractors to match each project’s location, budget, and scope, helping until project completion. Follow 该博客 for renovation ideas and inspiration and when you’re ready to renovate, 启动您的斯威特装修.


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